Our Online Learning Partner

All our online learning programmes are brought to you in collaboration with Arden University

Based in the heart of the English midlands in Coventry, Arden University is the world's largest independent provider of UK university distance learning. Arden University combines a wealth of experience and dedication to training, professional development and rigorous organisational consulting to deliver business improvement results.

"With over 17 years of experience of supporting over 50,000 university students in the UK and around the world, enrolling 3,000 new students each year, 95% of whom combine full-time work with their home studies and more than 90% who graduate, we know exactly what it takes for you to achieve success. Whether it's a new career, an increase in salary, or a desire to learn something new we are here to help you achieve your goals with a university qualification."(extracted from RDI Website)

For more information about Arden University, visit the Arden University Website.

What Our Partners Say

Dr Philip Hallam, RDI Group CEO

"Arden University often works with locally based organizations such as PTC Education Consultants in order to deliver the best service and support possible to its students.

PTC Education Consultants has represented Arden University in Mauritius for more than 9 years, helping us to maximise response and student experience through their extensive local knowledge and expertise."